Not just development. It's an evolutionary way.

Start with the AI-Stack platform. As the team grows, expand on more GPU resources. Managing AI Projects, organizing tasks and cultivating teamwork spirit are all done in the same place.


Platform import

Help the team manage GPU resources more effectively

Provide IT managers and AI developers with a web-interface AI-Stack machine learning development and operation platform to make the use of GPU resources more flexible and efficient, and fully squeeze GPU computing power at any time.

In-depth AI development

Seamlessly connect with commonly used AI development tools

Provides Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab, Tensorboard, SSH, Matlab connections, allowing you to easily enter and use AI development tools, eliminating the need to enter account and password multiple times.

Resource isolation

Authority management and quota limit

The administrator can manage the user's tenant (Group) and account (Individual) permissions, and limit the usage quota to avoid resource abuse, and at the same time enable resources to be effectively divided.

Automated execution

Pre-set single or batch inference

The user can set the task of inference, which can be executed once or set as a task template to batch. Pre-set execution time, even during off-duty hours, it can accomplish mission as needed anytime, anywhere.


This project plans everything from requirements planning and  environment forming, to the official launch of AI-Stack for users. InfinitiesSoft along the way shows their enthusiasm and professionalism in the AI ​​field. They interact carefully with us and have a deep knowledge of our needs. The AI application scenarios and environmental details of AI-Stack have made our new service platform launching progress smoothly.

Distinguished Prof. Pau-Choo Chung

Ex-Director, Computer and Network Center, National Cheng Kung University

With proactive response from InfinitiesSoft, our questions were answered one by one without any problem and issue. We are satisfied with their service.

Prof. Yung-Chung Wang

Director, Computer and Network Center, National Taipei University of Technology

AI-Stack allows us to take full advantage of GPU resources, eliminating the need for complex processes such as subsequent resource management.

Jonas Wang

Himax Technologies, Inc

The AI-Stack solution satisfies the needs of different users in AI. Through the graphical operation interface, users with different technical capabilities can quickly access the resources they need, which is of great help to promote AI projects.

Prof. Yuh-Jong Hu

Dean of College of Informatics & Directors of Computer Center, National Chengchi University

Infinitiessoft has met our expectation to provide a GPU resource distribution mechanism that is fair and rational to users, preventing resource misuse, and successfully controlling resource utilization through “value” and “time” with its complete and meticulous functional design.

Prof. Chi-Chang Chen

Chair, Department of Information Engineering, I-Shou University