A universal interface. Integrate different clouds and provide for self-service

Start with the CloudFusion platform. As demand for private cloud and public cloud grows, expand unified management of VM resources. Deploy global services through a single entry, reducing cross-data center hardware cost and complexity of deployment, and shortening the learning curve for adopting multiple platforms.


Platform import

Help the team manage VM resources more effectively

Provides a Web-interface CloudFusion multi-cloud/hybrid cloud management platform for IT managers and VM resource users to make the use of VM resources more flexible and efficient, and can be flexibly scheduled to save costs.

Ensure security settings

Reliable network security service NSS

Provide network management, security group management, key management, and external IP configuration. Users can perform network/subnet setup, limit a specific or a certain range of IP/Port to set up a firewall, use key encryption to manage accounts, create external IP, set up EIP with VM configuration, unconfigure and delete.

File management

Convenient and easy-to-use object storage service OSS

Provide users with the functionality of managing object storage, including Bucket management and Object management, which facilitates the management of file life cycle, empowers data permissions and version control.

Performance control

Resource measurement and pricing budget, orders and statistical reports

Provide cost budget function, order query system, resource metering and pricing using quantity and cost. This statistical report allows users, tenants and platform managers to make real-time usage performance control and improve the efficiency of resource usage.

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